We’re often told that you are what you eat; well it’s as true for your horse! PureFlax a 100% pure and natural source of flaxseed oil for horses is now being used at the yard of one of the UK’s top Racehorse Trainers.

PureFlax is grown, cold pressed and bottled on the farm of Grace and Nigel Liddle in Yorkshire. It’s the only oil on the market with a full balance of Omega-3, 6 and 9 – the essential fatty acids your horses need to support mobility and flexibility. Added daily to the horses feed its showing amazing results!

Flaxseed oil has already been proven to have a range of benefits for many animals ranging from improved coat condition to maintaining good mobility as a result of the benefits associated with Omega 3.

Racehorse Trainer Ann Duffield, has spent the last 10 years creating one of the most impressive private racehorse training establishments in the country. Duffield says:


PureFlax“I would not hesitate to recommend PureFlax, in fact I have already recommended it to a major racehorse feed company.

The quality of PureFlax is the most important thing, I have tried other oils but nothing compares for quality or being prepared properly. PureFlax supports major organ functions and promotes general health and wellbeing and the horses really like it!”


Grace Liddle says:

PureFlax“We have a 22 year old pony called Savannah who has had a new lease of life since we started adding PureFlax to her feed each day.

She’s not quite a racehorse but her coat looks better than it ever has, her joints have stopped clicking and she has rediscovered her Mojo!”