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Adding PureFlax as a supplement to your horses diet all year round helps maintain a perfect balance

PureFlax natural flax seed oil helps improve your dogs health

PureFlax promotes healthy joints, supports your dogs immune system and improves wellbeing

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PureFlax flax seed oil maintains bird health, bone health and promotes a glossy plumage

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Supplements for Horses

Supplements for horses such as PureFlax Flax Seed Oil have been used for centuries by horse owners, who have fed flaxseed (linseed) oil for a glossier, easier to groom coat, stronger hooves, improved condition, fitness and performance.

Its effectiveness is due to the fact the Omega-3 Flax seed Oil balances fats in the horses diet so that other nutrients and supplements are metabolized more effectively.

PureFlax as a supplement in a horses helps ensure a perfect balance

The Perfect Balance

You will already be aware of how your horse’s diet has changed over the years, meaning the Omega-3 and Omega-6 needed, is not always present and as balanced as it should be.

Any difference can affect your horses’ temperament, so by adding PureFlax as a supplement in their diet all year round helps ensure this perfect balance.

Diet Essentials

The fact is that your horse needs a minimum level of key fats to maintain good health. These are the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) – so named because the horse can’t manufacture them in its body, making them “essential” in the diet.

Normally, a horse’s body contains more Omega-6 than Omega-3 EFAs, and therefore the emphasis turns to increasing the level of Omega-3s in the horse’s diet while maintaining a good supply of the Omega-6s.

One of the most natural ways of doing this is to add cold pressed flaxseed oil to their feed.

Supplement your horses diet with the Omega-3 in PureFlax flax seed oil
Improve your horses health and wellbeing by using PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oil Omega-3 supplement

The Benefits Of Adding PureFlax As A Horse Supplement:



Improved hoof quality


Sustains bone density


Maintain joint health


Assists with muscle soreness aids recovery after competition and training


Aids tissue elasticity


Supports the immune system and good for respiratory system


Mares milk is higher in Omega 3, which can result in healthier foals with a higher resistance to infection


A natural calming effect which aids concentration


Healthier, shinier coats and easier to groom

Rio 2016 Olympics

PureFlaxPureFlax was used by an event horse competing in the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Did you also know that Omega-3s are needed by every cell in the body?  Among other things, it’s an ample supply that helps ensure that cell membranes stay flexible so that cells can get nutrients easily.

Your horse can use ALA to make all the other Omega-3 fatty acids that it needs, including both EPA and DHA.

Another advantage of getting Omega-3’s from the ALA in flax oil is that your horse does not create more EPA and DHA than it needs. Therefore, ingesting too much EPA/DHA is not an issue.

PureFlax was used by an event horse in the Rio 2016 Olympics

Proven Food Supplement For Horses & Ponies

The purpose of adding supplements to your horses’ diet is to keep everything in the recommended balance, as an imbalance may show up in any number of problems, but the most common are a dull coat with dry itchy skin, sensitive skin, cracking hooves, joint stiffness and excitability.

PureFlaxNutritionists have proven these Omega food supplements, like flaxseed oil, are ideal for horses and ponies of every breed at any stage of life, but especially hard working, stressed horses or those with digestive disorders.

Specific Benefits Worthy of More Explanation Include:

Benefits of Flax Oil for High Performance Horses

Research has demonstrated that flax oil supplemented in the diet of performance horses has the following benefits:

  • aids soreness and stiffness
  • aids in quicker recovery from muscle soreness
  • induces earlier shedding and hoof durability
Benefits of Flax Oil for Broodmares

During pregnancy the mare’s body becomes deficient in Omega-3 because of the fast-growing brain, eye, and sensory organs of the foal utilise all available Omega-3.

It is recommended that the diet of pregnant mares be supplemented with Omega-3 fatty acids, allowing for the transfer of these beneficial fatty acids to the foal in utero.

Previous research has demonstrated that Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet of mares will result in the mare cycling sooner and more consistently.

Benefits of Flax Oil for Stallions

Studies in Colorado University have shown that breeding stallions that were supplemented with Omega-3 fatty acids (specifically the long chain fatty acid DHA) have shown increased sperm concentration.

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Discover the benefits of PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oil

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Discover the benefits of PureFlax's 100% natural flax seed oil

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