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Horse Hoof Care

Vegetable oils such as flaxseed oil are a gentle, safe, yet effective natural alternative to promoting the health and function of your horse’s hooves.

The strength of a horse’s hoof is crucial to its health, as it bears the full weight of the limb. The hoof is not a rigid structure, it is elastic and flexible and blood circulation is essential for healthy strong hooves.

PureFlax Flax seed oil promotes healthy hooves in horses

Hoof Health

A poor hoof maintenance program or the genetic make-up of the horse can predispose your horse to poor quality hooves, and affect the structure and strength.

There is a lot that can be done naturally to keep hooves healthy, including inspecting them regularly for loose clinches and hairline cracks, and a good diet.

Your horses’ hooves can deteriorate for many reasons; an unbalanced diet (not all feeds contain enough, if any, Omega-3 and the Essential Fatty Acids your horse needs) or incorrect dietary supplements.

Keeping Hooves Healthy

The nutritional causes of hoof problems can be addressed daily by feeding your horse with a supplement of PureFlax Flax Seed Oil to amongst other things; soothe and calm the hoof while also maintaining overall skin health and improving hoof quality.

Maintain healthy hooves using PureFlax flax seed oil

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Discover the benefits of PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oil

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Discover the benefits of PureFlax's 100% natural flax seed oil

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