Omega-3 Oil For Hens

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Omega-3 Oil for Hens

You can increase the level of Omega-3 fatty acids in the eggs that your hens lay by including PureFlax Flax Seed Oil in their feed.

The flaxseed contains a type of Omega-3 fatty acid and the hen will deposit a significant amount of this dietary fatty acid into the egg yolk. The hen will also convert smaller amounts of other forms of Omega-3 fatty acids and deposit them into the egg yolk.

Increase omega-3 in hens with PureFlax natural flax seed oil

Natural Goodness

Omega-3 eggs look, cook and taste just like regular eggs, and the total fat content and cholesterol levels remain similar.

Adding Flax to diet also increases level of Omega-3 in the meat.

Eggs fortified with omega-3 fatty acids offer an alternative method to increase the amount of these fatty acids in your diet.

Feeding Hens

You should feed this diet for three weeks before Omega-3 fatty acids will increase substantially in the eggs.

By including approximately 10% of the feed as flaxseed oil will increase the Omega-3 fatty acids in your eggs without causing any problems for your birds.

Increase omega-3 in hens with PureFlax natural flax seed oil
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Feeding Animals

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