PureFlax - The linseed experts

100% Natural Linseed Benefits

Joint mobility
Coat condition
Skin health
Topline condition
Respiratory system
Immune system
Highly palatable

PureFlax - The linseed experts

Ultimate 100% Natural Supplement Benefits

Joint mobility
Coat condition
Skin health
Respiratory system
Immune system

PureFlax - The linseed experts

100% Natural & Fully Sustainable

100% grown, harvested & bottled in Yorkshire.
Field to container in 400 yards!

PureFlax - The linseed experts

From Crop, To Harvest, To You

100% grown, harvested & bottled at the PureFlax farm

PureFlax - The linseed experts

Flax Seed Oil Benefits

Discover the numerous health & physical benefits for animals

Grown, Harvested, Cold Pressed & Bottled At The Farm!

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PureFlax 100% natural linseed oil food supplement for working dogs

PureFlax For Dogs

The ultimate range of 100% natural supplements. Supporting:

  • Joint mobility
  • Coat shine
  • Skin health
  • Muscle recovery
  • Topline condition
  • Respiratory
  • Digestive & immune systems

High In Omega 3, Balanced Leavels of Omega 6 & Seriously Tasty!

PureFlax Oil for Dogs is grown, harvested, cold pressed and bottled on the PureFlax farm near Wetherby. Field to bottle in 400 yards, 100% natural and fully sustainable.

PureFlax’s Advanced Dog Formula has the perfect balance of premium grade linseed, turmeric & black pepper. Milled, blended, packed and shipped from the PureFlax farm in Yorkshire.

PureFlax For Horses

A full range of premium quality FEMAS & NOPS approved linseed/flax oil, meal and supplements.

PureFlax’s linseed/flax oil is also grown, harvested, cold pressed and bottled on the PureFlax farm in Yorkshire.  Field to bottle in 400 yards.

100% natural, high in Omega 3 with balanced levels of Omega 6.

PureFlax’s linseed meal and supplements are milled, packed and distributed from the farm.

Discover PureFlax 100% natural linseed oil for horses

Super premium quality – Excellent value for money

PureFlax Is A 100% Pure And Natural Source Of Flax Seed Oil With Amazing Benefits For Animals

(Psst! It’s also the only oil on the market with a full balance of Omega-3, 6 and 9).

Rugs, bridals, equestrian equipment and accessories
Health and wellbeing supplements, lotions, first aid and equestrian products
Equipment, clothing & accessories for the rider
Equestrian supplies and equipment for the stable, paddock and yard

Queenholme Equestrian International Event Riders give PureFlax to their Olympic Dressage horses

“PureFlax has continually proved to aid the performance of our horses…

As International event riders, we have been producing and competing event horses to a high standard for many years.

With an average of 80 horses on site at any one time, we are constantly developing our stables to become the optimum establishment to develop and train quality horses.

To help us achieve this, obviously diet and supplements are vital, so we have been using PureFlax since 2012 because it has continually proved to aid the performance of our horses in terms of their mobility and joint support. We have also found that it also maintains healthy tissues, sustains their immune system, muscle recovery and aids increased speed and stamina.

As such we are extremely happy to recommend PureFlax to other yards.

Mark & Tanya Kyle

Queenholme Equestrian, International Event Riders

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The Benefits of Premium British Linseed/Flax for Mares, Foals & Young Stock.

Both mares & foals require a higher energy intake. Discover how this can be provided by supplementing their diets using premium linseed.

PureFlax Scoops Award At The Northern Farmer Awards 2019!

Grace & Nigel Liddle, owners of PureFlax, received the Diversification Award of the Year at the Northern Farmer Awards 2019.

London 2012 Olympian Chooses PureFlax Oil!

Discover why Dag Albert, one of Sweden’s most prestigious event riders, having had success representing his country at the Olympics in Beijing, has chosen PureFlax Oil to feed to his event horse Tubber Rebel

What Are The Benefits of Flax Seed Oil?

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PureFlax is a BETA Trade Association Member
PureFlax is a member of the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme
PureFlax conforms to the Naturally Occuring Prohibited Substances code of practice