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PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oil

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Discover why an Olympian chose PureFlax flax seed oil to feed his event horse for the Olympics

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We’re very much a family farm and our passion is providing products that enable you to maintain and enhance the health and wellbeing of your animals.

PureFlax is a 100% natural cold pressed British product, with an incredibly high Omega 3 content of 53% which is a superb natural joint supplement and is excellent for producing a natural coat shine

(Psst! It’s also the only oil on the market with a full balance of Omega-3, 6 and 9)

The PureFlax linseed farm

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The PureFlax linseed farm
Discover the benefits of PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oil

Flax Seed Is Amazing

Discover the benefits of PureFlax's 100% natural flax seed oil

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PureFlax natural flax seed oil is rich in omega-3

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Memberships & Accreditations

PureFlax is a BETA Trade Association Member
PureFlax is a member of the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme
PureFlax conforms to the Naturally Occuring Prohibited Substances code of practice