Flax Seed Oil For Small Pets

PureFlax enhances the wellbeing of your horse

Adding PureFlax as a supplement to your horses diet all year round helps maintain a perfect balance

PureFlax natural flax seed oil helps improve your dogs health

PureFlax promotes healthy joints, supports your dogs immune system and improves wellbeing

PureFlax natural flax seed oil maintains bird health

PureFlax flax seed oil maintains bird health, bone health and promotes a glossy plumage

Feeding PureFlax natural flax seed to your animals is easy

Feeding Animals

How to feed PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oil to animals.  It's easy!

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PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oil

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Flax Seed Oil for Small Pets

Flaxseed Oil can be fed to small pets as well as your other animals to maintain their general wellbeing!

Birds, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits will all benefit from a supplement that provides a shiny coat or healthy plumage as well as increased joint mobility.

PureFlax natural flax seed oil is great for a glossy coat

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

PureFlax Flax Seed Oil can also be added to the feed of your rabbits and guinea pigs to give them a lovely glossy coat.


Whether you have exhibition poultry or laying hens, feeding them cold-pressed flaxseed oil will keep them in top condition with healthy glossy plumage.

Find out more about PureFlax Flax Seed Oil for Poultry Hens and Omega-3 for Hens.

PureFlax flax seed oil is perfect for healthy chickens and hens
PureFlax is great for balanced Omega-3 in parrots and caged birds

Parrots and Cage Birds

Parrots and other cage birds often have a diet with unbalanced fats in it due to eating too much millet, sunflower seeds and nuts. This could cause the bird to get too much Omega-6 and saturated fat which causes a similar collection of health problems to those seen in people when they don’t have enough Omega-3 in their diet; stiff joints joints, dry scaly skin and dull.

Feeding your birds with PureFlax Flax Seed Oil will balance their diet with Omega-3 one of the other essential fatty acids.

Racing Pigeons

Flax Seed Oil is used by owners of racing pigeons to gain excellent feather condition (helping to waterproof the plumage), unlimited stamina and superb all-round health.

The Flaxseed Oil is loaded with Omega-3 essential fatty acids, and must be supplied from the diet.

PureFlax natural flax seed oil for excellent feather condition
Increase your goats Omega-3 intake with PureFlax natural flax seed oil


Use of Flax Seed Oil in goat feeding can help to alter the total content of Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly the content of essential Alpha-linolenic Acid.

A small amount of PureFlax Flax Seed Oil can simply be added to the grain ration as the oil is easier to absorb than the whole seed. The benefits of the Omega 3 are then passed on to the goat and through any milk.

Natural Goodness For All Your Animals

PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oil is a highly recommended supplement for your animals diet!

Discover how flax seed oil can help your other animals too…


PureFlax natural flax seed oil is a great supplement for horses and ponies
Health and wellbeing supplements, lotions, first aid and equestrian products
PureFlax natural flax seed oil is a great supplement for hens and other poultry
Discover the benefits of PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oil

Flax Seed Is Amazing

Discover the benefits of PureFlax's 100% natural flax seed oil

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PureFlax natural flax seed oil is rich in omega-3

High In Omega 3

Read how Omega-3 Flax Seed Oil is beneficial for all of your animals...

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