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What Our Customers Say About Us

Happy Customers

We are pleased to be able to share with you testimonials from users of PureFlax.

These include dog owners, horse owners, Racehorse Yards and Horse Eventers. If you have a PureFlax story we would love to hear from you, simply send us a message quickly and easily here!

As the Veterinary Medecine Regulations do not allow us to publish tesimonials which state or recommend healing, corrective or preventative products, we apologise to customers for the alterations incorporated to their testimonials below.

Roger Charlton – Racehorse TrainerI have Decided To Use PureFlax On The Majority of The Horses

Trainer to the Queen Roger Charlton has a stable with over 85 horses.

“We have a 3 year old filly called DEDICATION who didn’t look as well as some of the other horses in the yard. She had a dull coat and wasn’t holding much condition. We were hoping that her coat would improve together with her condition after trying PureFlax.

After a month the filly did seem to be improving in condition. Having now used PureFlax on one horse for two months I was pleased with the results and have now decided to use it on the majority of the horses.”

Roger Charlton – Racehorse Trainer

Her Coat Is Gleaming

“I’d just like to say what a massive difference PureFlax has made to my mare. Previous oils have made her fizzy and given her digestive upsets, however this product has worked wonders for her.

Her coat is gleaming and her previous scurfy skin issues have resolved. I’m now recommending this product to all my customers! Thankyou!”

Abbie Ireson – Equine & Canine Back Specialist


London 2012 Olympian Dag Albert chooses PureFlax oilLondon Olympics Event Horse Uses PureFlax Oil

“We decided to put TUBBER REBEL an event horse short listed to represent Sweden at the London Olympics on PureFlax Oil. It is a quality British product and high in Omega-3 which is so beneficial to horses especially those with high demands.

We believe by feeding TUBBER REBEL the PureFlax Oil we are doing our part to help him feel, look and perform at his best. Normally by now he may be starting to drop the weight especially as he is galloping on a regular basis and realising he is working towards big things!

We have definitely noticed he is maintaining condition, so all good so far with us.”

Dag Albert – Swedish Eventer

PureFlax is recommended by The Country Store West CollinghamPureFlax is recommended by The Country Store West Collingham

See The Positive Results In Your Animals

“We have stocked PureFlax for over a year now and it is out selling all the other oils that we stock. Once people change to PureFlax they stick with it as they see the positive results in their animals.

We have recently started giving our Patterdale dog it as she doesn’t keep weight on and we are hoping to put her in pup in the next few months. She has altered no end and looks really well and has put on some weight. We are really pleased with the results.”

David Johnson, Owner, The Country Store, West Collingham

He Happens To Be My Best Horse

“JACK LUEY is a five year old gelding who had a joint pin-fired in the summer since then he has being box rested, several months on the walker and he now ready to resume work.

He happens to be my best horse having won four races and placed seven times out of sixteen or seventeen races. He is very hyperactive, excitable horse and I felt that PureFlax might help him in several ways i.e. his digestive system and his joints as examples. He now gets 150 to 160mls daily split between morning and night feeds and eats up very well.”

Lawrence Mullaney – Racehorse Trainer

It’s Fab – Thank You

“I use pureflax on my horse who had severe mud rash last year since using it she has been clear without having to use expensive constant veterinary treatments, and its fab so thank you.”

Bev Scanlon – Horse Owner

A Very, Very, Happy Dog

“I recently purchased a dog for racing purposes and was concerned about his skin. He had bald patches all over and the rest of his fur was very, very sparse, and had really, really bad flaky skin.

I tried PureFlax and to my amazement after only two weeks the bald patches started growing hair, his coat started getting thicker and the flaky skin got better. I have now been using PureFlax on my dog for about 5 weeks and the flaky skin has gone. He has no bald patches and now supports a thick black shiny coat.

He looks a picture of health and is a very, very happy dog. I have not used anything else but PureFlax, so in my opinion it is the B’s & E’s! I will continue to use this and would recommend it to anyone. The only thing I wish I had done is to take a before and after picture to prove it!”

Carol Handford – Dog Owner

Since Switching to PureFlax Flaxseed Oil His Skin Is No Longer Dry

“I have a great pet called Hooch who has dry skin. I walk to work with him most days, so he’s a very active Labrador. My wife and I were using olive oil in his diet until end Jan 2011.

Since switching to PureFlax Flaxseed Oil his skin is no longer dry and his shiny coat positively gleams. Seems to do exactly what it’s supposed to, so we will keep using it from now on.”

Adrian Abbs – Dog Owner

Racehorse Trainer Ann Duffield recommends PureFlax 100% natural flax seed oilI Have Recommended PureFlax To A Major Racehorse Feed Company

“I would not hesitate to recommend PureFlax, in fact I have already recommended it to a major racehorse feed company.

The quality of PureFlax is the most important thing, I have tried other oils but nothing compares for quality or being prepared properly by cold pressing.

PureFlax supports major organ functions and promotes general health and wellbeing and the horses really like it!”

Ann Duffield Racing – Racehorse Trainer

I Was Amazed At The Difference

“When I got my puppy two years ago I was advised to put cod liver oil in her food every day. Having received a sample of PureFlax I was amazed at the difference. Not only was it more palatable for my dog but she really enjoyed it and would always lick the bowl out after every meal.

The effects to her were amazing too. She seems to shine inside and out and looks extremely healthy.”

Allison Saberton – Dog Owner

Feeding PureFlax Greatly Improved This Horse’s Skin & Coat

Below is a copy of the testimonial placed on the National Horse and Pony Network Tried and Tested section. You can take a look direct yourself using the following link:

“The horse we tested PureFlax on has a very poor coat, dry skin and had a bout of skin infections requiring harsh veterinary treatments leaving him with a scurfy and terrible looking coat. Along with this he also put up with mild bouts of colic.

Feeding PureFlax greatly improved this horse’s skin and coat, the coat now has a glossy shine and the skin is no longer dry, scurfy and is very healthy. Our horse also maintained a very healthy phase during the trial period.

PureFlax is a great source of Omega 3 and 6 for horses which many horse diets often lack.”

The National Horse and Pony Network

PureFlax Is A Great Product That Has Really Worked For Us

“Since using PureFlax all the horses are looking really well and maintaining condition which has been a struggle in the past – you can really see the difference. They all seem to enjoy the taste; one horse in particular used to be a real fussy eater but is much better now. PureFlax is a great product that has really worked for us and it’s a fair price, especially as the horses look better than they ever have!”

PASCOE’s – Hunting Yard

The Change In Bramblys’ Coat Is Really Impressive So Far

“We tried PureFlax on INSPECTOR QICS (Alfie) and REVELATIONS (Brambly). With Alfie there has been hair regrowth and his skin is in much better condition and his coat is shinier.

What has been really good is that Alfie has continued to eat up from the first day we added the PureFlax. It is really important for a racehorse to eat! If they don’t eat you can’t train them and thoroughbreds are notoriously fussy eaters! I have tried to add oil to their feed before with no luck at all; one sniff and they turn up their noses and won’t even take a mouthful.

Since the trial started, Alfie has run very well (been racing) and was placed in a Class 2 Hurdle at Ascot. The change in Bramblys’ coat is really impressive so far. He is nearly back to normal; he is not under as much stress as Alfie as although he is in training, he is a young horse and has not been raced yet. I think we might well get there!”

Martin Hill Racing – Racehorse Trainer

He’s Eating PureFlax & His Work Load Is Now Increasing

“We have a horse called FILUN with problematic feet, whereby they start to split about halfway down to the point of bleeding. We then have to go to glue on shoes and end up having to stop until the split has grown out.

Even with all this, he still won three races last season. He’s eating The PureFlax and his work load is now increasing, so fingers crossed.”

Tony Middleton – Granborough Stud & Racing Stables

I Do Like PureFlax

“I do like PureFlax and the horse does look well on it and I do think it has made a difference. I would like to put the other horses on it.”

Stuart Williams Racing – Racehorse Trainer

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