Spare a thought for your pets this Christmas and New Year, not only will they pick up on the joys of Christmas but they will also be affected by the stress and chaos and the cold weather that we will!

When you make your New Year’s resolution to join a gym (again) what will your resolution for your pet be to keep them fit and active?

The UK is well renowned for being a nation of animal lovers, but with reports of over half of all dogs in the UK being overweight and now that the recession is hurting our pets, it’s time we think of our pets this Winter and how we can give them a new lease of life.

With every penny counting we need to look to introduce a simple regime that will help “spice up our pets life!”

Wetherby farmers Grace and Nigel Liddle, owners and producers of pureflax (a 100% natural Flaxseed Oil), have provided some ‘Top Tips’ for keeping your pet healthy over the Christmas period and throughout the cold weather season:

PureFlaxRegular exercise – even when it’s cold your pets need exercise. For home pets reluctant to venture outside, look at what indoor activities you can think up, or consider investing in some winter warmers!

PureFlaxExercise for the mind is also important; introduce some games to keep their mind stimulated.

PureFlaxA daily administrative rate of pureflax added to your pets diet will not only give them a shiny coat but the high level of Omega 3 promotes mobility and flexibility (even in old and injured animals), the high Omega 3 content also helps obesity and stiffness.

PureFlaxCold air also means dry air, so make sure you have plenty of fresh water available for your pets to stop them from becoming dehydrated – but make sure it doesn’t freeze over!

PureFlaxFinally, remember that most pets are very sociable and will miss the opportunity to get out and engage in a bit of social interaction – so why not take a leaf out of the books of our American counterparts and set up a ‘pet play date’ – who knows what will happen!

PureFlaxWhatever you do remember that to keep your pets healthy and happy, you need to keep up these tips long after your gym membership has expired!